Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heidi's Blues

I started spinning some of the roving that I bought at Knitters' Day Out a few weeks ago - this is called Heidi's Blues (the name of the sheep is Heidi) and I bought it from Gurdy Run Woolen Mill located in Halifax, PA.

Dave, I put the penny in for you. Does that help with scale?

It is mesmerizing to see how the colors come off of the roving and twist into yarn. This fiber isn't super super soft, but that's okay, because then it might get away from me. It's kind of grippy. This means that I'm not always spinning the same diameter, but I'm working on it. Still very much a novice spinner!

We haven't had a hard frost yet, so the begonias are still going strong. They look nice with the Ladybug, yes?


  1. This yarn is beautiful! I'm so impressed. The yarn coloring is gorgeous and it's quite fine. With the penny, you're really starting to be quite the professional!

    Btw--the kiwi berries are quite good.

  2. How lovely that you still have begonias in October!

    You're getting to be quite the spinning professional.