Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

'Tis the season ... to knit! It may be too late to embark on large knitted gifts, but you can work up these ornaments in much less time. Perhaps you'll even bust some stash, too.

Lately I've run across several ornament patterns that are irresistible (in addition to the 12 tiny sweaters by Berroco Minutia '08 - you've already heard me blather about them).

Yesterday I developed a minor obsession with knitted Christmas ornaments designed by KalamazooKnits. I ran across one pattern at The Loopy Ewe site but found more in Ravelry and the designer's etsy site. There are four in all, three of which are basically fancy ball cozies:

  1. Basic knitted ball, perfect for using leftover bits of sock yarn. Pattern includes instructions for 4 ball sizes. Pictured in A in the collage above.

  2. Lacy balls. 4 lacy patterns to cover a standard Christmas ball. Pictured in B in the collage above.

  3. Textured balls. 4 textured patterns that would look great in solid or semi-solid yarn. Pictured in C in the collage above.

  4. Holiday lights ornament. This ornament does not go over a ball. It is knit and stuffed with polyfill. Looks just like the old, big, classic tree lights from your childhood (if you're my age!). Pictured in E in the collage above.

Then today I ran across a pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits for a knitted teddy bear ornament (pictured in F in the collage above). Normally a teddy bear would not float my boat, but this one is so cleverly constructed that it intrigues me. I might have to try one. See what blogger So Much Yarn, So Little Time has to say about knitting this project.

Little Cotton Rabbits has another pattern for knitted mini Christmas stocking ornaments, and these are adorable (pictured in D in the collage above). There are lots of examples to peruse in Ravelry, as well.

Still not enough?


  1. Awesome post. I am so glad to have this information all in one place!

    Back to knitting red and green things!

    Thanks. Kristina

  2. I just forwarded your blog url to a friend who, just tonight, said she wanted to knit some tree ornaments. VERY timely, girlfriend!

    And no, I didn't finish the toe up socks because a) I started another pair and b) the young woman I'm making them for was home for Thanksgiving and I couldn't measure her feet (I lost the dimensions).

  3. Girl! You've got Christmas spirit -- yes you do!

    I especially like the knitted light bulbs. Very clever. Thanks for pulling this all together! I think it's!

  4. This comment is so late it isn't even funny. Have you seen those clear glass ornaments with yarn in them? I love the look of the knitted ones but the clear ones have a real appeal, too. Maybe next year I'll do that for knitter friends. . .

  5. I just read your next post. hahahahahaha