Sunday, February 8, 2009

Righty Loosey Lefty Tighty

Last week, I finished the right front of the Must Have Cardigan. Here are Righty and Lefty, checking each other out, wondering if they can work together. I think that they can.

I noticed that my knitting loosened up on Righty, as the fabric measured longer at the beginning of the armhole shaping than it did on Lefty. I had the same number of rows and the diamonds matched up perfectly. I guess I just loosened up as the pattern became more and more familiar.

Now, it's on to Sleeve #1. I had hoped to wear this sweater yet this season, but today's 59 degree weather makes me despair. 59 degrees in February!?! It will get cold again, but still...

Soon, a spinning update.

1 comment:

  1. I'm really liking that color. And you've got me wanting to do some cabling. I wouldn't worry about the slight difference in tension -- blocking should handle that. Beautiful!