Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sock Summit 2009 - class list

Have you checked out the class list for Sock Summit? At 75 classes, the lineup is both awesome and overwhelming. I took a little time today to read all of the class descriptions, and here are the ones I'm considering:

  1. Continental Knitting - the KNIT Stitch (Exposure to Purl)

  2. Dancing with Socks

  3. Darn It!

  4. Don’t Knock Knee Socks

  5. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Moccasin Socks

  6. Engineering New Stitches for Socks

  7. Ethnic Socks and Stockings Lecture

  8. Finding True Sock Yarn Happiness

  9. KnitteRx

  10. Knitting for Speed and Efficiency

  11. Knitting Happily Ever After- Ergonomics for Knitters

  12. Put Spinning on Your Feet: Using your Handspun for Socks

  13. Spindle Spinning Basics

  14. Talk entitled “How I became a Knitter”

  15. The Gentle Art of Spinning Socks (you can tell a librarian didn't alphabetize these)

  16. Traditional Estonian Socks

  17. Vintage Socks—Old Tricks for New Socks

Obviously this list needs to be narrowed down a bit! Also, the class schedule isn't up yet, so I don't know how many of these classes might be held at the same time.

Maybe I should take a poll. Readers, if you could pick FIVE of these 17 classes that you think would be best for me, which would you pick?


  1. Ok, so I broke the classes into categories or types of classes. You could focus all on one type of class or just pick one from each type and try to get into those.

    Here goes:

    #1, #10, #11 (#9 - least fave)
    #12 or #15
    #8, #2, #6
    #16, #17, (#7 - least fave)

    If there are classes from you list that I left out it is because I think you should skip those.

    Just my $.02. Good luck making your decisions. I am sure that a lot will come down to scheduling.

  2. I haven't had a chance to look at the descriptions in-depth, but going by the titles, I'd say these would be best for you:

    7,12,15,16 and 17

    You're so far ahead of me on the planning for this!

  3. What hard choices! I would go with:

    3, 11, 12, 15, 16

    But that's just me! I think I have Estonian everything on the brain.