Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh Boy Socks

Here is a pair of socks that worked up very quickly for Boy 1.

The backstory: Recently Boy 2 wanted to wear some "yarn socks" (as he calls them) that he found in his drawer, but they were too small. I reminded him that I can make new socks that fit. He immediately wanted these socks made. We looked at my stash of leftover sock yarn. I keep a bag of leftovers in amounts large enough for baby or kid socks (the rest go to the Christmas ball project). While this bag was out, Boy 1 pointed to a ball of yarn and said "I want socks like this."

He picked the Patons Kroy sock yarn that I already used to make the very first pair of socks I ever made for him. He picked the same yarn twice. Out of all the sock yarn I have in my house (and there is a fair amount), he picked the same yarn twice. That's my boy, Mr. Dependable! Here's a shot (unimpressive, but it gets the job done) of that first pair of socks, finished on Christmas Day 2005. He's engrossed in a new Thomas the Tank Engine book.

As it happened, I recently needed a simple project to take to an evening event and I only had 30 minutes to eat dinner and get the project together. I started these socks that night. I already had the gauge worked out (since I have knit with Patons Kroy before), and I took some quick foot measurements. These were knit over 44 stitches on 2.25mm needles, with a simple 2x2 rib pattern on the cuff. I wouldn't want to do much more with a crazy multicolor like this. I made the foot just a little too long in hopes that they might still fit next fall. How much more wool sock weather do we have left this spring? (I say that, but I saw snowflakes fly this evening...)

And now, I am working on socks for Boy 2.


  1. I just love that your boys want their mom to make them yarn socks. And that looks like such a big boy book he's reading!

  2. Nice socks. Looks like the sun is out. How lovely.