Thursday, May 21, 2009

FO: Another Autumnal Pair of Socks

I've been working on my latest pair of "office socks" (meaning, they're knit at the office, not necessarily worn at the office, although they often are) since late April, but I never blogged about them. I finished them during a meeting yesterday. Here they are:
The stitch pattern here is Roza's Socks, a Grumperina design from the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits, but I applied it to my basic sock pattern. Leery of casting on too many and having a saggy sock, I lowballed the number this time and cast on only 66. These were knit from the cuff down, with a standard slipped-stitch heel (reinforced, of course, the Cat Bordhi way) and a star toe.
I bought this yarn at The Mannings after S1 declared that these socks were holding up the best of any socks I had ever knit her. The yarn, of course, was Trekking XXL (in an unusual self-striping pattern - not at all typical XXL) and those socks were the first ones I ever knit on 2mm needles. I'm now addicted to 2mm needles, which produce (for me) a firm fabric that holds up well in socks.

Thanks in part to my new, lower cast-on number, I have plenty of yarn left - 27 grams! (I've been paranoid about running out after a couple of unfortunate incidents earlier this year.) I probably could have knit the cuff a bit longer on these, but they are quite nice the way they are. These will be so warm and cozy in the fall and winter.

Trekking XXL, I will knit with you again! Have you heard about the new Zauberball Crazy sock yarn? It seems to be constructed a lot like Trekking XXL, but with longer colorblocks (long like Noro). I might pick up a ball of that if I see it.


  1. A) Do you have a special toe strategy? It looks a bit like you decrease more along the little toe side than you do along the big toe ...
    B) You have very nice looking feet, my friend.
    C) Sorry to have missed Knit Group last night...graduation took longer than expected (thankfully I had my knitting to help me sit through it!).

  2. I love the socks. This XXL colorway is really pretty. I can't resist the next comment - if you would embrace a toe-up construction strategy, there would be less worries about running out of yarn grin.

  3. The Zauberball stuff looks interesting. I'm all about the wider stripes. And what's with all the metric -- are you turning into a Canadian or something? ;-)

    These are really nice. Good job!