Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Clown Car of Yarn Bags, or Kristina Got Yarn Stormed

If you follow the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm blog (as I do, since they were the first ever fiber CSA I'd heard of), you may have heard about the Yarn Storm project. The basic idea is to unite unwanted/unneeded stash yarn with knitters who could use it, for whatever reason. My friend Kristina, who quit yarn acquisition cold turkey after finding herself unemployed, was just on the receiving end of "a stash busting yarn storming box of sunshine" (as the letter accompanying the box describes it) - and I had the amazing good fortune to be visiting her when the box arrived. Thus, her box makes my blog!

yarn storming boxThe box is big (mug is for scale). And heavy. We were stunned at how much great fiber was in there - it just kept coming and coming. As we were unpacking it, S1 quipped "this is the clown car of yarn bags." Oh, yes, it is ... there is enough yarn for seven complete projects in here. Seven!!!
Kristina was blown away. Witness:

In this box, she found

  1. Kathmandu Aran - a lovely, green, aran weight tweedy yarn - 85% merino / 10% silk / 5% cashmere - an unbelievable 13 balls
  2. Ingenua Print - a fuzzy mostly-mohair yarn that will be perfect to pair with something for felting - 2 balls
  3. Mary Jane's Attic - handdyed fine wool yarn in a chunky weight single ply - the label says "great for felting" and the colors are perfect for kids' stuff - 3 hanks
  4. Cascade Yarns Peruvian highland wool in a chunky weight - hot pink (maybe good to pair with something else from the box?) and feltable - 4 hanks
  5. Zara Plus extrafine merino in a creamy white - this yarn is cabled (I think); it's constructed of nine separate 2-ply strands - the result is a lightweight, airy, squishy, warm yarn that would be lovely for cablework hats or scarves - super soft - 6 balls + a partial ball
  6. Sensations Angel Hair - this is a combo yarn with lots of eyelash bits hanging off, but it's so soft and wonderful - multicolors (brights! maybe to pair with the hot pink yarn?) in a wool/acrylic/nylon blend - 2 100 gram balls
  7. Trio of Pixies kit from Weir Dolls - 4 colors yarn and wool (?) roving for stuffing these delightful little dolls which look not unlike those little gremlins that took over the Starship Enterprise on one episode (does anyone know what I mean?)

Kristina will make things from these yarns that she and her young daughter will love. She's been knitting exclusively from stash for quite some time now, and this infusion of new yarns totally made her month. The folks at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm could not be any more thoughtful or gracious about sharing yarn love. Nancy (and crew), you scored bigtime with this box. Way to go!!!


  1. I am so glad she enjoyed her 'storming'!! I am a member of the MVFF Groupies group on Rav and we started talking about this project less than a month ago and it's already running full steam into people's knitting lives!!! YAY!!

  2. Thanks for blogging about this. I am utterly grateful. I appreciate you nominating me to be Yarn Stormed and I am so overwhelmed with the generosity of my fellow knitters.

    Thanks a million!


  3. Dang -- that's about the coolest thing ever. I love the concept of a clown car of yarn!

  4. Yay! Yipee! And Hurrah for all involved! Believe me the joy you feel in receiving is echoed by the pleasure of the giving.

    Oh, and they're called Tribbles. not that I would be a closet trekkie or anything...

  5. How great that it arrived when JLW was there!

  6. That is so awesome! They are so sweet! What a nice gift. :)