Thursday, August 6, 2009

Portland, Day 3

Today we rested up a bit in preparation for the summit ahead.  Ed is now on his way to London, and so we focus on The Sock.  Steven and I went down to the convention center to register and pick up our merchandise (beer glasses, bumper stickers, all the classy stuff).  Here is one of the banners outside the convention center – the sunlight was glare-y, but you get the idea:IMG_4104

We had quite a few celebrity sightings in our short time at the center.  In this order, we spied: Lucy Neatby, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Tina Newton, and Abby Franquemont.  Neat!

After registering, we went to another of Portland’s many LYSs: Twisted.  Gretchen said this was her current favorite, so we sought it out.IMG_4105What a great store!  We saw tons of yummy yarn.  We managed not to buy any – yet.  Of course, they will have a booth at the Summit.  I got a darning egg and a pattern that is a gift for a fellow sock knitter.  I also flirted seriously with some sock yarn with silver flecks in it.  I may go back and get it for Meggan’s socks.  IMG_4106

Twisted had such a welcoming and comfortable vibe (not to mention two huge comfortable couches)  We could have stayed there for a long time.  But we hopped back on the train and headed for “home.”  We collected Jeff (or rather, Jeff collected us, at the Max station) and went back to Edgefield for supper.  Yum!

Tomorrow morning: Spindle Spinning Basics.  Eeeeee!

I may run down to the public library so I can post this yet tonight.  It’s pretty chilly and dark outside, so I won’t bother to find all the links and embed them in this post.  I trust you know how to use your Google search boxes.


  1. yee haw! you made it to Twisted! :) Have a fabulous time today!

  2. The store looks great, just based on their logo.

    I am impressed that you recognized all the celebrities. Did they all look shorter in person? (like the Hollywood celebs?)

    Enjoy tomorrow.