Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Pink Sock

My latest office project has been a new pair of socks for Katie, whose pair from last Christmas is getting too snug.  I decided to use that single skein of girl-y purple and pink Koigu that has been languishing in stash and pepperknits’ Anastasia Socks pattern.  (Katie is nearly 4, so pink and purple could not be more perfect.)  It features a lacy spiral motif that helps break up plain stockinette without being too fancy for a handpainted yarn.  Here is Sock #1:IMG_4571The proportions look kind of off to me.  This is partly because I don’t have Katie’s foot here to fit, and partly because these aren’t blocked (I don’t have child-sized blockers).  I decided not to worry about it too much.  I think Katie wears her handknit socks to sleep in, so perfect foot fit isn’t critical.  I’d rather make them a little too long than too short.

I ended up making the pattern a little more difficult than it actually is.  I knit these cuff-down, and I wanted the spiral motif to swirl seamlessly around the leg.  The pattern does not do this – it’s written to be knit on 2 circular needles, and when the stripe runs out on one end, it just stops.  I kept moving the stitches around so that the spirals could continue uninterrupted on the leg.

Here’s the top view.IMG_4572 One more to go.  This should knit up pretty quickly.


  1. Cute! Look at you, manipulating that pattern. And you're whipping these out! She'll love 'em.

  2. Beautiful. She is going to love them.

    Thanks and great job with the pattern modification.