Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gamily Knitting Brunch

Many of you know that we refer to our Gettysburg “family” of friends as The Gamily (derivation: Sharon S, year unknown, probably 2002-2004 sometime).  The Gamily brunches on Sundays.  I typically knit.

Today, one of the girls (E, age 10) gazed dreamily at my knitting and sighed deeply before voicing a yearning desire to knit.  No problem!  We tromped across the street to my house, where one set of my Red Heart starters for kids needles (great to have on hand for when a child asks you to teach her to knit – they are only 7” long and good for young hands) was selected (blue), along with some yellow yarn.  This color combination worked great because the stitches are extremely visible:IMG_5334Then, of course, L (age 7) had to get in on the action.  L’s mother is a knitter and her own set of needles and yarn quickly appeared (this isn’t L’s first time with the sticks):IMG_5336Naturally, C (age 7) also wanted in (this is her second lesson but it’s been a long time since the first one).  More supplies from Gretchen were obtained and she boldly began.  Look at that concentration:IMG_5325I started out with C in my lap in the middle there, but jumped out to get a quick photo of the knitting trio: IMG_5333 Later there was a “lesson” for A (age 5) but she’s still a bit young to knit independently.  She picked yellow needles and red yarn, another great combo.  No photo, though. :)

Happy knitting Sunday, all!IMG_5338


  1. What a great picture of all those gals knitting. Hope the enthusiasm continues. How could it not?