Friday, March 5, 2010

Personal Sock Club – phase 1


What is in that enticing basket?  The first phase of my personal sock club.  Herein are 9 patterns and the yarn to go with them.  The patterns have been printed or photocopied or whatever so they are ready to go.  Want to peek inside?IMG_5749 These 9 projects are all easy enough for office knitting or kind of medium-level difficulty.  Nothing super hard.  Patterns include some of these (I couldn’t find images of all I felt okay about using):sock club patternsAnd the yarns are these: sock club yarnI don’t have any colorwork or knee socks in the basket yet.  It turns out that I never buy sock yarn in amounts over 100 g, which isn’t enough for socks.  And none of my handpaints go with my solids (which are few and far between), which delayed those projects.

Still, these 9 should keep me busy for a while!

Steven, that’s my black Toots LeBlanc yarn in the upper right. 


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  2. This is such a great project. Can't wait to see all the lovely footwear your produce. Yay black! Yay Toots LeBlanc!

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