Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Felted! Bag!

I felted my crazy leftover colorwork bag, and I LOVE it!IMG_7939Finished dimensions: the round base is about 9” in diameter, and the bag is about 14” from base to top edge.  I forgot to measure it before felting so I’m not sure how much is shrunk (but it was a lot).

I’m totally psyched that I didn’t buy a single new ball of yarn for this project.

The bottom is knit from the outside in to the center.  I chose to use two colors and knit so that a spiral is formed.  You can see it more clearly in the pre-felting photo:IMG_7843I really like the way the bottom looked on the inside pre-felting, too: IMG_7845If I make another one, I might make those spiral rounds two stitches wide instead of just one, to make the finished effect more bold.  The sharp spiral blurs out a lot after felting:IMG_7948In fact, the stitch patterns that look best in the finished bag are the bolder ones (like the purple and gold one, and the wine and green one).  I’ll remember that next time. 

All in all, I’m very pleased.

Yesterday I “had” to go to The Mannings with a friend who is reacquainting herself with knitting.  Her grandmother taught her when she was a child, and she just had the urge to pick up the needles again.  She’s been practicing on a scarf-like piece and wanted to get yarn to knit a hat.  So, off we went.

This gave me the opportunity to acquire some yarn to make S1 a new pair of felted clogs.  The old ones are three years old and are wearing through.  Here are the colors I chose:IMG_7952 The upper will be green, and the trim and sole will be purple.  And… I’m thinking of doing some whimsical embroidery on the green part, too.  Robots, perhaps?  We’ll see!

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You SHOULD be happy with this. It turned out great. And green clogs with a purple sole are perfect for her.

    I vote yes on the robots.