Monday, March 28, 2011

24 hours in Our Nation’s Capital

My friend Jeff always refers to Washington, DC, as “Our Nation’s Capital” (you can hear the capital letters when he says it) and as a result, I’ve been doing the same thing – for years now.  Can’t stop.  Hiya, Jeff!

We took a totally unexpected jaunt to DC this weekend.  Long story involving credit card rewards, expiring free hotel night, and last-minute offer by friends to take the boys overnight.  I won’t get too detailed but there is something for everyone to love about our weekend!

We stayed in Alexandria, which is very walkable and full of fun shoppy-shops.  First temptation: Lavender Moon Cupcakery:IMG_8609 Then we went to the Torpedo Factory, an old torpedo factory (duh) which has been repurposed as working artist studio-galleries.IMG_8612 Those wacky artists are always up to something, like interactive gum art:IMG_8610 IMG_8611 We find it energizing to be around so much art.  And of course, Alexandria boasts a fine LYS, fibre space:IMG_8613I really liked the vibe of this shop.  They carry a lot of local (which can mean different things – sometimes locally dyed, sometimes from local fibers) and Made in USA yarns, all of which are prominently labeled. I came home with a groovy tote bag…IMG_8648 …which contained two skeins of Jared Flood’s new yarn, Shelter, in color Long Johns…IMG_8650 …and one of those irresistibly cute Herdy mugs. I chose orange:IMG_8652 Anyone want to guess how many times I’ve drunk from it so far?

Then there was a satisfying dinner of wood oven pizza at Red Rocks, accompanied by a hearty Maryland porter and my new easy sockIMG_8615 That sock is a simple 5x1 rib with Crazy Zauberball.  It is for Pam, since her pink-and-green socks are taking FOREVER.  Pam gets bonus socks for Easter this year!

On Sunday morning, we popped into the National Museum of American History to see the Moveable Books exhibit (pop-up books are so cool) and Julia Child’s kitchen, and then into the National Museum of Natural History to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.  Whoa.  This exhibit was so cool.  I took some photos but they don’t come close to doing it justice. For one thing, it’s really big.  You can walk around the main part and it’s quite tall. Here’s a shot that shows scale:IMG_8632 The reef is like those I Spy books that my kids love – the more you look, the more you see.  There are so many wonderful details!IMG_8638 IMG_8644 IMG_8641 If you get a chance to see the reef or any of its satellites, I highly recommend it.

Finally, there was a quick lunch at Merzi (like Chipotle, but Indian, sort of) and some Teaism Salty Oats cookies to go, and we turned northward again.

I love how lightweight the Shelter yarn feels.  It’s woolen-spun rather than worsted, so it contains more air – that’s why it seems light for its size.  I plan to make a slouchy hat for S1.  She needs to contain her hair on windy days and a slouchy hat should do the job.  Now I have the fun of perusing patterns.  Any suggestions?

I’m off to a conference in a couple of days, and I plan to make a lot of progress on those Zauberball socks.  Maybe I’ll throw in a ball of Felici just in case I run out of sock to knit.  I’m nearly ready for the heel on #1.  Hmm, which Felici colorway should be next?


  1. Amazing 24 hours on all counts ~ Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janelle didn't even mention that we also stayed up past 10 pm watching tv. Imagine that! We watched Pretty in Pink, which is not as good as it was when I was 17, but I loved the hair and clothes.

  3. How could I have left out Molly Ringwald?! That was fun - but our decision to not bother with cable TV was absolutely confirmed. There's almost nothing worth watching! (And you know that if I'll watch Pretty in Pink, my standards aren't that high.)

  4. Heh -- "contain her hair." Good luck with that. What a fun day. My guess is that you've sipped from that mug 0 times. And I'm guessing you're going to ACRL? Look for some of my colleagues there!

  5. 0 times? No way! Once on Sunday and again on Monday. So far.