Friday, March 11, 2011

The color of spring…

I just realized that I’ve been on a green kick for a while now.  Ready for spring, perhaps?  I’m definitely lined up for St. Patrick’s Day! greencollage2First off, I’ve neglected to keep you up to date on S1’s latest pair of felted clogs.  They were completed weeks ago and felted not long afterward. IMG_8488 I think they came out well, though I was a little worried when they took a VERY long time to felt in the washing machine.  Then a vague memory formed in my mind – I think the same thing happened with Boy 1’s felted clogs, which were also made with Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride yarn (85% wool, 15% mohair).  For some reason, this yarn takes WAY longer to felt than Brown Sheep Nature Spun (100% wool).  I suppose it’s the mohair!

It took me a while to get around to sewing on the sole pads, which I believe significantly extend the wear of these slippers.  Finally, done:IMG_8502Now I’d like to dress these up a bit by felting a design in purple on the green upper.  I’ll use my felting needles for this.  I can’t decide if I should embroider the design on and then felt it, or just felt a single strand of yarn.  It’s probably really hard to get a sewing needle through the felted fabric, so I may skip the embroidery step.  Has anyone embroidered on felted wool before?

I am in love with this shade of green.  It’s M191 – Kiwi:IMG_8489 Second, I’ve been zooming on my green veggies Felici socks.  I even took photos and videos along the way to document how I do the afterthought heel, so I’ll devote a post to that soon.  You can see here that one sock is entirely done, and the other lacks only its heel.  I want to try something a little different on the second heel – hopefully I can get to it this weekend.IMG_8498 S1 is very excited that these socks will be done just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Could they be more perfect?

I’ve been in a bit of a knitting slump lately, not having the energy to try new techniques or figure hard stuff out (like Pam’s socks, a-hem).  There is a little voice in my head that says “just make another Felici sock!”  So I might do that.  Lord knows I have enough Felici in stash…!


  1. All that green -- (sniff) -- I think I could cry! It's all so lovely. Really looking forward to the afterthought heel post -- then I'll get started on my OWN green veggies.

    And I wouldn't have pegged Cerisara as green. But now that I know it's gray-green, I love it even MORE!

  2. Steven, Cerisara is definitely in the grey-green category. The official color is "yucca mix." I love it...I have some left over - maybe a pair of mittens to match?