Thursday, April 14, 2011


2 quick things to share today.

First, I neglected to show you the afterthought heel that Kris made using my tutorial (we shot this photo a couple of weeks ago).  Doesn’t it look great with a contrasting color?  So sharp!IMG_8654 Second, here’s my first woolen-spun yarn: IMG_8706It’s lumpy and uneven and fuzzy, but I like it anyway.  I spun it on a 10.5:1 ratio and drafted with a long draw.  2 ply. 63 yards. 1.85 oz. IMG_8705


  1. I finished the "Melissa socks" about a week ago and she and I are both delighted with the afterthought heel. I'll be using it again and again and again! Bless you, Janelle, for posting such an awesome set of videos documenting the technique!!!