Monday, April 11, 2011

Cedar growth spurt

My Cedar Leaf Shawlette has definitely experienced a growth spurt today – 13 leaves have sprouted since this morning!IMG_8703There will be 30 leaves in all, so I’m nearing the halfway point. The way this edging goes on is interesting.  You can see above that the edge stitches on the body are still live (on the pink cable).  I cast 5 stitches on to the dpn to begin the first leaf, and then there is a lot of increasing and decreasing and eating up of the edge stitches.  18 rows later, there is a new leaf and 5 stitches on the dpn again.  I’m ready to start another leaf above.

Leaf detail:IMG_8704Bonny, Saroyan looks like a fraternal twin to Cedar Leaf Shawlette, and the Ravelry description even mentions compares the two patterns.  I say “go for it!”

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  1. What a cool method -- and one I think I could understand!