Friday, April 15, 2011


I finished the Crazy Zauberball socks this week:IMG_8708

I hope that Pam likes them!  I definitely like the way the second sock came out better (that’s the top one in the photo above).  There isn’t a strong line where the instep stitches were joined to the leg.

I know Kris loathes this type of yarn… but I’m rather fond of it.  You definitely have to take it on its own terms, though.  And forget about identical socks – never gonna happen!

Even though this is a very simple sock, it’s not beginner sock yarn.  The marled two-ply makes it very difficult to see stitches, particularly when picking up the sides of the heel flap.

This is a two-play yarn.  I hope I have better luck with it than with the last two-ply sock yarn I knit with.  This has nylon in it, though, so I’m hopeful.  Also, I did some pre-darning on the inside of the heel flap.

I see Pam in about a week – I’ll report back!

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  1. Overall, I think these turned out pretty good. You're right about having to accept yarn on it's own terms. Good advice!