Sunday, April 3, 2011

Professional development

Just got back from a conference.  There was knitting (though not as much as there sometimes is):IMG_8681 Did I tell you about these socks?  They are for Pam to tide her over until such time as I can make peace with those damn pink-and-green socks.  Simple 5x1 rib knit cuff-down from Crazy Zauberball.

The way this yarn transitions color is endlessly fascinating to me…IMG_8685It is a two-ply yarn, which totally shows – see how bobbly the stitches are?  This yarn isn’t very round at the cross-section and it causes the stitches to be uneven.  But I still like it. IMG_8682 I’m not sure I love the big demarcation between leg and foot at the top when I rejoined for knitting in the round after the heel flap… but so be it.  I didn’t feel like doing an afterthought heel this time.


  1. You know...I think this has totally turned me off from knitting socks with Zauberball (sp?). I find the (I tried to find a less pejorative term, but failed).

  2. I kind of like the way this looks. Remember fondling the Zauberball at Twist in Portland? I think the subtle color shifts hide the bobbliness of the two-ply pretty well.