Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tricorn Baby Hat

I’ve whipped up a baby hat to take with me to Sock Summit.  It would be rude to show up to a baby shower without a gift!  Appropriately, this hat is knit from sock yarn.  Look, it’s a tricorn baby hat (tee hee):IMG_9392

This simple pattern is from the Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders book, which is chockfull of quick patterns that could address my sock yarn stash quite well. This hat took only 32 grams of yarn (including the tassels).  The yarn was left over from Boy 1’s Circle Socks (also going to Sock Summit).  I still have 57 grams of this yarn left – it has more to give.  IMG_9390

Yes, this hat required more stitches than a baby hat knit from worsted weight yarn (the CO # was 120), but the result is so cute and I didn’t have to buy any new yarn to make it.  Also important: the yarn is machine-washable.  I insist on that for my charity knitting projects.

Mods: I knit the body of the hat a little longer than the 5.5” specified in the pattern because I thought it looked a little skimpy (remember, my first child had a HUGE head).  The model above is Boy 2, now 6 years old.  He’s a little small for his age.  I think the hat will be fine on most babies and even many toddlers.  I hope it brings a smile to a Portlander’s face.

Countdown to SS: 9 days to go.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Too, too, cute. And the little loop on the top is the icing on the cake. Have fun in Portland while I'm in the opposite coast's Portland.