Monday, April 9, 2012

German yarn, via Denmark


My friend Gretchen went to Copenhagen for a week.  On her way out, I gave her a $20 bill and asked her to buy me some interesting Danish yarn that we don’t see here in the U.S.  She had a hard time!  Almost everything in the shops there was available here, too.  But she found this skein of Opal handpainted (handgefarbt) yarn. 

We have Opal sock yarns here, but they are usually the self-striping or self-patterning types that come in 100 g balls.  This is a bit different.  The label says “Pullover- & Sockenwolle” but this is a typical sock yarn put-up: 100 g, 425 meters, 75% superwash wool 25% polyamid.  It’s quite pretty.  Clearly the colorway is inspired by the paintings of Franz Marc – aren’t the colorful sheep on the label cute?  I see this becoming a shawl or scarf… but maybe socks!  Not sure yet.IMG_1002I can’t read this label but Gretchen said it was almost $20 on the dot.  I’m also not sure I linked to the right shop in Ravelry.  It looks like Uldstedet has two locations.  I picked the one that said “city” in Ravelry because I think she was downtown rather than in the ‘burbs.

This is the second time I’ve pressed a $20 bill into the hands of someone about to take an overseas trip (the first time was when Dave went to Argentina).  It’s SUCH a fun game!

Now, who is going abroad next?

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  1. Cool game! I'm not going abroad anytime soon, but I'm going to start putting that German "handge-" prefix on everything. As in, "This weekend we had handgecooked shrimp and grits," or "Rather than use an HTML editor, I handgecoded that web page!"