Sunday, August 27, 2017

Finish line Saturday

I always get a perverse thrill when I finish more than one project on the same day. Such was the case yesterday, when I finished this scarf:IMG-4377

I used the free His (Birthday) Scarf pattern (astute readers will recognize it, as I made one for Boy 1 years ago) and some delicious yarn I got in Maine this summer: IMG_6345

It’s called “Acadia” (which was mighty tempting since we just spent 5 days in Acadia National Park) and it’s a “rustic blend” of silk noil, baby alpaca, and merino wool from The Fibre Co. The color is “Jack Pine.” I used almost all of 4 balls, and the scarf is 7.5” wide by 8’ long. It is rather longer than I expected, but the recipient is a tall man. I’ll get a modelled shot when I give it to him! (Steven: it is not you. Don’t want to get your hopes up. I know you love your green and all!)


I also finished this handspun skein, which is Targhee top from the Sheepspot Fiber Club and started out life looking like this:IMG_6480

The color is a little greener in real life… I’m not sure why the camera wasn’t reading it correctly. Greens can be so tricky to photograph. I spun this worsted style and made a 3-play yarn. It poofed up quite a bit during finishing… but I have 390 yards and only 74 grams. It is deliciously soft! It took a long time to spin because it was so fine, but every minute was pure pleasure. I think I need to try to make a thicker yarn next time, just to make sure I still can. Experienced spinners often bemoan not being able to spin thick anymore. I guess one usually spins finer and finer and finer with practice. Maybe you can see how fine the singles were here:IMG-4337

What’s next? I have a pair of gift socks on the needles that I’ll tell you about soon, and I’m swatching… for fall sweaters!

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  1. Not just two FOs in one day, but two truly beautiful ones! I love both the yarn and the scarf pattern you chose for it (poor Steven!), and the handspun is my favorite color. Looking forward to socks and swatches!