Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marine Pool

Man, this Shibui Sock in colorway Marine is made for pooling! Not much to do about it, though... just go with the flow.
I know some people swear by knitting from two balls, but wouldn't that just dilute your pooling? I want an easy mindless sock for office knitting - I can't be juggling and untangling two balls. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do nothing more than a simple rib-style stitch. The first 20 rounds are in 2x2 rib. The next 10 are an experiment that I decided not to continue (but did not rip back to that lovely dental floss, because I think you can hardly even see it). After that I went into what Charlene Schurch calls "uneven rib." It goes like this:

Round 1: *K2 P2*

Round 2: K1 *P2 K2* ... until one stitch left, then knit it

The result kind of reminds me of the garter rib I used in this sock. Still very simple, but not quite the drudgery of 2x2 rib.

Nevertheless, I think these socks are going to look good with these shoes this fall!


  1. Isn't dental floss just the greatest invention for knitters?!? Also, I may not make it back for Neil's tonight. I'm still in B'more and want to wait for traffic to thin down before I venture home!

  2. "I can't be juggling and untangling two balls."

    Truer words were never written.

    Lovely socks!

  3. Great shoes!

    Knitting socks to match your it!