Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mail Call

This is what came in the mail yesterday... I made an emergency needle order last week when I realized I didn't have the right needles (or anything close to them) to knit the Jamie Harmon inside-out hat. (Breaking news! Jamie has a website now!)

Jamie Harmon is a regular at MDSW, and we always stop by her booth. I don't think she spins her own fiber, but she plies it in interesting ways. And it's sooooo soft - I think it is a wool/angora blend (no skein labels, though). Every year I think about knitting the inside-out hat (oh, look! she calls it the reversible mystery hat), and this year I finally bought the yarn. I have a full skein of the many-colored stuff, and a half-skein of the blue mixture.

The hat is basically a tube that is closed like the crown of a hat at both ends. You fold one side inside the other, and you have a double thickness of knitted material and (if you use two different colorways) a constrasting brim. This should be a very quick knit on size 10.5 US needles.

And the handspinning book? Well.... Knit Picks was still having their 40% off summer book sale, and I succumbed. This book was recommended to me by several people. I will scan the chapter on plying tonight before playing another 2 bobbins of yarn. I hope to have it plied and set before my spinning lesson on Monday.


  1. Man, you are skidding down that slipper slope at lightning speed! Knitting (and spinning) books in the mail -- nothing could be better!

  2. I just received my 10.5 needles also. I knit a swatch on the size 11's and the 10's and wasn't happy with either. I'll be casting on for this hat tomorrow, Monday.

    By the way, I still love your blog!