Sunday, September 7, 2008

Caps for Kids

Today I finished the hat that is part of my Knitters' Day Out registration - I read the fine print on the registration materials and the organization that distributes them is Caps for Kids. I think I linked to the right Caps for Kids, coordinated by the Craft Yarn Council of America. My KDO booklet says that caps are distributed to local children in need.

This hat is knit from yarn leftover from a toddler-sized sweater I made years ago. I still love this yarn. It is superwash merino in a worsted weight, dyed by Tess' Designer Yarns. I bought it at MDSW, of course!

I had a question about how I made the pom pom on the Slow Burn Hat. All my pom poms are made on the Doodle-Loom product (which refers to pom poms as "pom pons" - I don't get that).

Knitters' Day Out is only 2 weeks away. I realized that I have some more homework to do before then.

My Friday night workshop is called Sock Party, taught by Carol Breitner, owner of Carol's Sockery in Falls Church, VA.
Supplies: (1) Two or three completed pairs of socks that you knit yourself. If not available, bring photos of them; (2) a sock project in progress; (3) Extra yarn and needles for practicing techniques. Smooth, solid, light-colored yarn, partial skein(s) for swatching, appropriate dpns or circs. Yarn can be sock weight, mid-weight or worsted, anything you can work with comfortably.
Homework: A written list of two or three sock-knitting questions or problems and two or three of your favorite sock tips or techniques. These will be collected at the beginning of class.
Material Fee: None
Prerequisites: Experience knitting many pairs of socks

My Saturday workshop is called Seven Things that can “Make or Break” a Sweater™, taught by Margaret Fisher (one of the 2008 "guest teachers").
Supplies: Homework swatches, needles and yarn used to make swatches (smooth, light colored worsted weight yarn and appropriate needles), basic knitting accessories.
Homework: With smooth, light colored worsted weight yarn and appropriate needles, knit swatches as follows:
Swatch 1: Cast on 18 sts. Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 2". Place sts on a stitch holder.
Leave some yarn (several yards) attached.
Swatch 2: Cast on 23 sts. Work in st st for 2". Place sts on a st holder. Leave some yarn (several yards) attached.
Swatch 3: Cast on 10 sts. Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 2". Place sts on a stitch holder. Leave yarn attached.
Materials fee: None
I signed up for the sock class because I make a lot of socks and I'm always eager to talk with other sock knitters. Charlene Schurch is going to be one of the guest teachers at KDO '08, but I surprised myself by not signing up for one of her workshops. (You are limited to one workshop with a guest teacher.) I signed up for the sweater workshop because Sharon has requested a handknit sweater, and I decided to try making the pattern myself, ala EZ or Maggie Righetti. This is going to be FUN!


  1. Great job whipping that hat right out.

    "Pom pon" looks great. Maybe it was a typo? I bought the one from Clover; I'll let you know how it works once I try it out.

    Good luck with the KDO & spinning lesson prep.

  2. So what are your questions or tips/tricks for the sock workshop? Inquiring minds must know! By the way, have you ever done a garter stitch toe as a start to a toe-up sock ala Cat Bordhi?

  3. I remember that sweater! Good call on the workshop choice. You can worship at Schurch some other time.