Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Day

Birthday yarn goodness
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA
It's my birthday today, and so far it's full of yarn goodness. My kids each gave me a skein of sock yarn. They're hard to see in this photo, but I'm clutching Dream in Color Smooshy in colorways "night watch" and "spring tickle" (I've longed for spring tickle for a while now).

My Rogue sweater is on its maiden voyage today. I finished this sweater last June and it was much too warm to wear it then. This morning the thermometer was at about 40 degrees and it seemed like the perfect day to wear it. (Those begonias from a couple of days ago are withered black now, as are my tomato plants, but the mums sure look good!)

And finally, just another random pair of handknit socks on my feet. I bought this particular yarn at WEBS in Northampton, MA, a few years ago. That is such a neat store. I definitely want to go back there one day!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I am so glad that you are having a wonderful fiber filled day.

    The Rogue looks fantastic. I actually considered wearing mine today, looking at it longingly across the room. However, as you know, the short body deterred me.

    Have a super day!


  2. Happy Birthday! The socks look great and I'm glad you enjoyed the yarn. Hope you get to make a return trip someday!

    Hope it continues to be a fun b'day for you.


  3. Just this morning I was thinking, "Damn, I need to start thinking about the late October birthday people I know (there are like 8). I'm late once again...

    Happiest of birthdays to you! The sweater looks super-awesome.

    I actually saw my breath this morning while I was outside with Silas. Not quite sweater weather, yet...

  4. Happy Birthday! Your Rogue looks wonderful!