Friday, November 7, 2008

New sock started

Felici - pebbles
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA
I am nearly done with Katie's 3-year-old socks (still no good photo, sorry about that) but I'm going to an event this evening that requires easy knitting. For that, I needed a new sock, since Katie's are too close to done. I picked some yarn from stash that I had knit before, thereby eliminating the need to do a gauge swatch. This is Knit Picks Felici in colorway "pebbles." Knit Picks sells a new version of Felici now, which has 6 colors in each ball but the stripes are of equal widths. I prefer the original Felici, which has only 4 colors in each ball but the stripes vary in width.

This will make a pair of socks for me that I can wear every single week with brown or khaki pants. I think I'll use the "uneven ribbing" as the cuff pattern. It's a simple rib, which is good for self-striping yarn, but it's slightly more interesting to knit than regular 2x2 rib. I used uneven rib for the Marine Pool Socks and the brim of my Slow Burn Hat - it's tried and true.

Here's to good Friday night knitting. I hope you have some, too!

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