Sunday, August 30, 2009

FO - BSJ for Baby Alice

The BSJ is done! Kris and I made a quick trip out to Needle & Thread yesterday and found some (washable) buttons that worked with this sweater, and I sewed them on as soon as we got home.

Notes & Modifications:

  • For the double decreases, I used EZ’s original instructions: slip 1, k2tog, PSSO.

  • For the double increases, I used Cat Bordhi’s LLinc and LRinc rather than M1. Specifically, each double increase was created with LRinc, K, LLinc.

  • I used worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles, but followed the BSJ instructions exactly. (The A-B-C-SJ pattern recently released from Schoolhouse Press includes BSJ numbers at varying gauges, so that a knitter can create the original BSJ size with a larger gauge if desired. I had a larger gauge, but since I wanted a larger sweater, I disregarded this table on page 7.) I had 25 grams of yarn left over.

  • My gauge was about 4.25-4.5 st/in in garter.

  • Final measurements on my version: 13.25” from top of shoulder to bottom edge of sweater, 21” wingspan (horizontal measurement from one cuff edge to the other), 22.5” circumference in body portion of the sweater.

Will this fit Baby Alice, who will be 6 months old at Christmastime? I'll keep you posted.

Did you notice the cute gift tag on this sweater? I just discovered these over at You can purchase a downloadable collection of gift tags, notecards, stickers, bookmarks, and more ... or just download the free gift tags. I printed these on card stock and cut them out. I ran across them quite serendipitously - I wrapped up two gifts yesterday and used these tags on both of them. Remember the scarf I knitted for my mom last January? It gets shipped off this week, as her birthday is nigh.

I'd better publish this while I can. We had a brief power outage yesterday that apparently fried our hard drive (despite the power surge protector strip, which, yes, was on and connected correctly). I'm typing this on our old computer, which needed all kinds of updates to do the most basic of things. I'm using Blogger to post this, which seems so clunky compared to the Windows Live Writer tool I've been using lately. I didn't install Live Writer on the old computer because doing so required some service pack updates that would take forever to download. I'm kind of grumpy about the whole business because I keep thinking of things on that hard drive that we didn't back up. Fortunately, we backed up all the photos recently - between the external hard drive and what's still on my camera, I have no loss of coverage. And the photos are the most important things. I keep telling myself that. But all my non-photo knitting files - journal pages, downloaded patterns, and (gasp) my sock yarn spreadsheet ... I think they're all gone. Let us have a moment of silence, please.

Or, go back up your own hard drive and THEN have a moment of silence for mine. :)


  1. I love those gift tags - thanks for sharing the site! And I do believe I'll add "back up hard drive" to my to-do list....

  2. Love the sweater! Thanks for the backing up advice -- I've neglected that for too long. And also -- thanks for sharing about the tags.

  3. Cross your fingers on the hard drive. If I can find a external dock for a internal-mounted hard drive somewhere here at work, i may be able to test the hrad drive myself. I describe dthe problem to someone here and he said he didn't think the harddrive was doorstop, but that something was corrupted in the operating system. You can test this by attaching it to a computer that has it's own "bootdrive" (the primary harddrive for any computer). If it spins, and you can see the directory, then the problem is the OS. Which can then be reinstalled, leaving the orginal files (all our stuff) intact. i am trying not to get my hopes up, but if this is the case, then all of Janelle's knitting stuff is saved!