Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Quick Spin

Remember the batt I made at The Mannings’ Spinning Seminar back in June?  I decided that spinning it would be a good reentry project for me and my wheel.

Here were the fibers before they started on their trip through the drumcarder:IMG_3607 Here they are after one pass through the carder:IMG_3608 And another pass:IMG_3613I didn’t really think about this project very much.  I just grabbed the batt and spun it.  That worked okay, because the fibers in it were quite different and it would have been difficult to try to spin with great consistency.  I eyeballed the batt and ripped it in half, and ended up with the most even division I’ve ever had.  After plying my two singles, I had about 8” of singles left.

Here is this little skein.  It’s 1.15 oz (32 g) and about 74 yards.  It ended up looking kind of heathery, which I quite like.  IMG_4238 I’m not that sure what to do with it.  I’ll probably combine it with other handspun yarn to make a quick hat or something.  Any other ideas?



  1. A quick hat sounds great. Nice shot of boy 1 watering the garden! Let's talk soon.

  2. I agree-- that picture of O. spraying water is great!

  3. Great shot of The O. And here's to heathered yarns. Love 'em!

  4. You know how I like heathered yarns! This looks great. I love the last picture with your son in the background :)