Sunday, March 7, 2010

Night watch report

Socks: Night Gulls (?)

This is the sock I’ve been working on in preparation for and since the sock design class I took with Anne Hanson.  The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in “Night Watch,” a gorgeous non-pooling colorway that is a study in blue and purple (and a pinch of green, too).  My sons gave me this yarn for my birthday a couple of years ago – what excellent taste they have!

This sock combines several stitch patterns.  The one on the top is “gulls and garter,” and I think the “gulls” highlight the handpainted yarn very well.  After an inch or so of transition (good old garter rib), I begin a twisted rib pattern that serves as the “water” in this picture.  Gulls flying over water at night… does that work?

Here’s a closeup of the gulls:

Socks: Night Gulls (?)

With luck, I’ll finish the toe tonight and be able to start sock #2.  I got distracted this week by some felted nesting boxes (which are knit but not quite felted yet).


Steven said...

Beautiful! I really really like this pattern. I think it would work for boy socks, too. And I think you're allowed a distraction -- felted boxes are a good cause.

Kristen Eyssell said...

I love your design! Publish it and I'll pay.