Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diagonal DONE

I feel like I’ve been knitting these socks forever.  My notes say I started on May 9, so I guess they did take about 7 weeks.  One of the curiosities of summertime library work is that there are far fewer meetings, which results in less office knitting.  IMG_6472 I modified the pattern slightly.  Instead of beginning the heel with K20 as directed, I worked 6 more stitches in pattern and then rearranged the stitches so there were 31 on the heel needle and 34 on the instep needle (I work on 2 circs). This centers the pattern on the instep and frames it with a single purl stitch on each side.  Much better, I think!IMG_6471I really wanted to like this yarn, but it disappointed.  I ordered it because I swatched with Wool of the Andes in Tidepool Heather for my Must Have Cardigan and liked it a lot. I ended up using another color, but Tidepool Heather haunted me. When I saw that Stroll came in it, too, I bought it. But it let me down. This particular yarn had an acrylic-y hand that wasn’t nice to knit with. I’m not sure why. It should have been fine, just the usual 75% superwash wool 25% nylon blend.

Still, this is a serviceable pair of socks for winter.  What next?

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  1. Serviceable? They're beautiful! Sorry you didn't like the yearn, though. Is that calf shaping?