Friday, July 2, 2010

Felici, di nuovo

I was at a conference last weekend so of course, I took my knitting along.  When I travel, I always worry that I’ll run out of knitting (doesn’t everyone?) so I cast on for another pair of simple socks and threw them in.  I didn’t touch them at the conference, but they’ll be perfect for my next travel knitting.

A plain vanilla pair of socks for Boy 2 out of Felici:IMG_6475 When I was knitting the pink Felici socks recently, Boy 2 frequently petted them and talked about how soft they were.  (Felici is unusually soft for a sock yarn that includes nylon.)  I promised him a pair of Felicis and showed him the colors I have in stash.  He picked this one.  This is one boy who’s not afraid of color!  This is one of their older colorways, called Aurora, that has stripes of differing widths.

Boy 2 responds strongly to softness and texture.  I have a tiny yarn cake of cashmere laceweight yarn out in the living room right now which he immediately asked me about.  “Mama, what is that blue yarn? It is soooooooo soft!”  It was fun to be able to tell him about cashmere and let him rub it on his neck.  IMG_6280 This is the first laceweight yarn I have ever purchased.  Lace normally isn’t my thing.  But was I entranced by one of Anne Hanson’s latest creations, the Campanula Scarf, and thought I’d give it a try.  I actually cast on and knit a few rows of this, but I struggled so with the slippery metal needle I had.  I think I need a different needle to work this.  I ended up goofing and frogged the whole thing.

But this scarf will be MINE – lacy cashmere scarves should NOT go to kindergarten!


  1. That Campanula Scarf is pretty -- yes, you should definitely make it. Embrace the lace!

    And B2 does have taste. I got some of the Green Veggies Felici with my vest order a few weeks ago. I have Oliver on the needles right now, but can't wait to make me some green stripey socks!

  2. That scarf is gorgeous! It doesn't look terribly practical, but it'll make a fabulous accessory.

  3. I love the newest colorways of Felici. I want to buy one of each basically, so it's hardly practical. I'm going to have to buy at least some though because they change the colorways so frequently.

    You definitely should do the lace scarf. I warn you, you might experience lace fever. Kris maybe understating its value; cashmere is very warm. I'm making my own pattern right now with silk and it will definitely be quite warm.

  4. I'm a big believer in very pointy, non-slippery needles for lace - Knitpicks Harmonies are my favorite, but any smooth wood is usually a better idea (for me at least!) than slippery metal. I know some people swear by Addi Lace needles, but I'm not crazy about them.

  5. I think I will obtain the Knit Picks Harmony needle in the right size. I started on the Knit Picks nickel-plated needle, but it was way too slippery. I have several 2.5 mm needles that I've used for socks - but no wood ones. I often knit socks on the Addi Lace needles, but I definitely would appreciate an even pointier tip for this. So, Knit Picks Harmony it will be!