Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OBX string

I’ve learned that OBX is short for Outer Banks, which is where we are this week.  I won’t post a ton of photos of the beach, the pool, lighthouses, the Wright Brothers memorial, etc… Just one:IMG_6550 It turns out that the weather conditions that caused the Wright brothers (who were from Dayton, OH) to test their flying machines here are also ideal for kite flying, which is a very big deal.  I’ve never been a huge kite flyer myself, but I suspect it’s because I never had ideal conditions.  It’s so EASY to fly kites on the shore here, because the wind averages 16 mph.  Here is Boy 1 flying away yesterday evening on the sound side of the island.

Today we returned to the Wright brothers memorial for the second time, just so Boy 1 could attend a kids program on kite flying.  That gave me a chance to pop into a shop I spied on the way down there:IMG_6580 Knitting Addiction is a lovely shop with a lot going on.  The shopkeeper greeted us and immediately showed Boy 1 to the lego area (he came prepared with his own book, but extra toys are always a good idea to keep knitters with kids in the store longer).  There was a very welcoming seating area at the front with at least one person knitting there.  A basket on the coffee table held scratch paper with the store’s info on it, pencils, needle sizers, and stitch markers.  There was a “brag book” on the table, too, containing pictures of projects completed by store customers (great for inspiration).  Decorations included lovely bouquets like this:IMG_6574 …and check out the felted lizards that were suction-cupped to the front window!  Unfortunately you can’t see the beautiful colors because the sun was coming in (nor was a good shot possible from outside), but picture the colors in your mind:IMG_6575This makes me want to decorate my front door sidelights with suction-cupped felted animals (which I just might do!).  Knitting Addition creates a lot of their own patterns, which come free with yarn purchased for the project (I didn’t even realize that until I looked at my receipt later) – and they offer to wind the yarn for you, which is a nice touch.  I bought a project that might surprise you; it’s really not my normal thing.  Perhaps I was influenced by the beachiness of this environment.  It’s a small bag (suitable for a sock project) knit double stranded with one strand of Mango Moon Bali Sky (recycled viscose handspun in Indonesia – I think the viscose is from saris) and one strand of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton 20% merino):IMG_6586There were commercial yarns that I recognized here, but there were also a few from independent dyers, as well as other things handmade by local craftspeople. I was mighty tempted by these fortune cookie bags:IMG_6576 There were even some neat turtle shaped bags (some of the profits go to a sea turtle rescue organization) – they zip up the bottom side of the turtle:IMG_6577I had my eye on some very nice hand-dyed semi-solid sock yarn with a lot of sparkles in it.  I thought my mom might like some sparkly holiday season socks made from it, but I second-guessed myself.  We’ll go back together to look.

Despite the handknit sock on the store’s logo, there wasn’t very much sock yarn in the shop.  And I didn’t find the 2.5 mm wood needle I need for my lace project.  But that’s okay – I’m still finishing the Beachy Felicis (which saw a lot of action on the drive down here – it was supposed to be a 7-hour drive but it took 11) and I’ve started a pair of Cauchys in the Jacob sock yarn I got at MDSW this spring.  I’m also trying to spin a little every day.

Next time I’ll post some actual knitting photos!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all this. As I'm sure B1 knows, kites rock. And I will be saying Beachy Felicis to myself for the rest of the afternoon!