Saturday, September 18, 2010

Piquant Pam

You may be wondering what ever happened to Pam’s prize socks.  I sent her a bunch of links and a few questions to begin what I assumed would be a lengthy consultation about what type of socks she would love.  She emailed me back super fast (in way under an hour) and sent a link for a pattern called Tangled Garden:tangledgarden readers know that the difficulty index goes like this:

THE KNITTY LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY INDEX [Kind of like a menu. But not really.]

Suitable for beginners.
Relaxing, not mentally taxing.
Knitting as therapy.

Tired of scarves? Ready for something more challenging? Try these.
Fun things with zing. A twist, even.

A little something for the seasoned knitter.
Daring but not exhausting.

Suitable for those with a lot of experience. Or patience. Or both.
These babies have teeth.
Hoo boy.

All I have to say is, thank goodness Pam is only Piquant and not Extraspicy!

Seriously, though, this pattern will stretch my skills a bit and be really fun to knit.  Plus, I can use Allison’s Simply Sock Yarn Solids for them, which is completely fitting, given that the Summer of Color contest also utilized that yarn.

Pam wanted pink and green, as shown in the pattern photo, but she deferred to S1 to select the yarns from the color cards (which Pam can’t see herself as she is in Cleveland).  S1 deemed Pink and Wheatgrass to be best, so that is how we shall proceed.  Here is what the sample yarns look like when I scan them (I think they’re a little more vibrant in real life):pink wheatgrass I will need to place an order soon!

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  1. Wow -- those are gonna be some jazzy-ass socks! Is that a change-colors-ever-other-stitch thing going on along the sole!

    This is going to be so much fun.