Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In a moment of total weakness that coincided with a Felici sale, I bought a dozen balls of the stuff.  And since it was so close to free shipping, I tossed in this book I’ve been admiring, New England Knits:IMG_8337Yowza.  My stash will never shrink if this keeps up.  But really, there was a method to my madness.

First, I asked everyone in the family to gather ‘round the Felici screen and tell me if there was anything they loved.  Boy 2 picked Matador, which I think looks a little pinker in the photo than it does in real life: IMG_8347 Boy 1, to my surprise, picked Abracadabra.  Then I remembered that Boy 1 is color blind, so I asked him what colors he saw.  He only sees light blues and browns.  But he loves it, so Abracadabra it is:IMG_8344S1 picked Green Veggies, which I already had in stash, so I didn’t buy more.  (You should congratulate me at this point while you can, because later I do the opposite.)

I really liked the Felici Sport socks I made from the colorway Ecology last fall. Remember these?IMG_7190

…so I got another colorway for myself – Seaside: IMG_8350 And then, because I really really like my Ecology socks, I got two more balls.  Better safe than sorry:IMG_8352 And THEN I thought, “I’ll bet you could make a sweet little Baby Surprise Jacket out of Felici Sport, so I’d better stock up!”  I got this girl-y Neapolitan with that project in mind (4 balls):IMG_8342 If my coworker has a girl this summer, she may be getting this sweater!

Steven and Bonny asked for a tutorial about the afterthought heel, which I will make on my next Felici socks.  But to tide you over, I found these (parts 1, 2, and 3), which show essentially the same technique.  I am intrigued by the crossed stitches she shows and I’ll try that myself the next time – perhaps it will solve the problem of gusset holes (which you can just darn closed from the WS in any case).

I feel a little better about all this new yarn now that I’ve told you about it.  Perhaps this year I will knit nothing but Felici in my office projects.

It will surprise you to hear that I’m also working on a hat right now.  More on that later. 


  1. Thanks for the links to the tutorials -- will look at them soon. I spent a big chunk of the day making a Captivate tutorial, so I'm tutorialed out for now!

    And Neopolitan is the perfect name for that colorway. It will be so cute!

  2. Love it. A total Felici addict. I'm trying to stay away from the knitpicks site. It's just too tempting...

  3. I love that Neopolitan colorway!