Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick fix – putty socks DONE

My pink and green socks are still stalled as I deliberate how to proceed, and so the progress on my latest Felici socks are hastened.  Done!putty_crop This shadow rib pattern (which I nicked from Neil’s Little Box of Socks during a knit night long ago) is about as complicated as I want to get on a striping yarn like Felici.

Because of the afterthought heel, the striping continues down the front uninterrupted, which is a quality I’m grown to admire in a striped sock:IMG_8334These match pretty well, too, although if you look at the toe tip you can see that I didn’t end up at exactly the same spot in the yarn.  Not sure why.

I had 26 grams of yarn left, which was plenty.  It was more than I needed to pull out yarn on the second ball to get to the same beginning spot.

Felici lovers, did you notice the big Felici sale on the Knit Picks website?  Ummmm……  I did.  I’ll make a visual confession when the box arrives.


  1. Your putty socks look like the perfect quick fix! I just found an argyle sock pattern that I absolutely love, so I may be forced to practice stranded colorwork. Your pink and green sock saga is making me think long and hard; stretching skills is always a good idea, but I really knit for fun and relaxation.

    Have you ever used Felici sport? There are only 3 color choices left in fingering, but I'm not sure I want sport weight socks.

  2. I wanted more color options in the Felici fingering, too, Bonny!

    These socks are beautiful. One of these days I need to talk to you seriously about how this after-thought heel works. I get the concept (I think), but I want to see it done.

  3. I second Steven's afterthought heel tutorial request!

  4. Bonny - I have knit one pair of Felici sportweight socks and I LOVE them! They are plain stockinette, which is smooth and thin, and they fit into the shoes that my other handknit socks fit into. The Ecology Felici socks are sportweight - see for the finished pair.

    I'll do some searching to see if there's already a good video about this heel. But if not, I'll make one. You KNOW what this means, don't you? I'll have to cast on with Felici again right away!