Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweater update

When last you saw the Vodka Gimlet, I believe I had just put the waist detail on.  Since then, I’ve finished the body, which includes a turned hem at the bottom.  I have one other sweater with a turned hem and I like the way it lays so flat. Here is the WS where I’m stitching up the hem. The pattern just said to use “waste yarn” to sew. I decided to use some Plucky Primo Fingering left over from Ed’s sock, which is in a similar color, rather than more Plucky Primo Worsted, figuring it would add less bulk and be more smooth. IMG_0413I caught one “v” of each BO stitch and one “purl bump” of reverse stickinette, and you can’t see it from the front at all: IMG_0414By the way, I had to block the hem before doing this, so that the yarn was flat and relaxed.  Primo is a bit lively before its bath.IMG_0423Since then, I picked up stitches for the neckband, which goes all the way from one hem, up around the neck, and down to the hem on the other side.  It is mostly ribbed but features the same slipped stitch detail.  Bonus feature: the slipped stitches appear on both the RS and WS, so no matter how you wear your collar, it will show. IMG_0431 Next, I pick up the sleeve stitches which are on cables and knit down.  With luck, I’ll wear this yet this month!

Plucky’s yarns are addictive.  Because the shipment of Vodka Gimlet kits was delayed, she had a “private shopping event” open to us with free shipping included.  I held myself back but I couldn’t resist getting something.  Here is what arrived in the mail yesterday: 1 skein of the new Primo Sportweight in colorway “Lincoln.”IMG_0428Same blend as the other Primos: 75/20/5 merino/cashmere/nylon.  I plan to make the popular Kalajoki socks with it.



  1. I love everything about your Vodka Gimlet! Your beautifully done turned hem, the slipped stitch detail, the lovely neckband, the wonderful yarn - it's all perfect. Can't wait for the grand unveiling!

    P.S. "Lincoln" is quite appropriate.

  2. I, too, like that slipped stitch detail. So, so lovely. And I'm very impressed that you can't even see where the band was sewn on. Excellent work!