Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hats out, hats in

My knitting focus at the wane of 2011 and dawn of 2012 has been on hats for wee ones.  I whipped up one of those insanely cute Aviatrix Baby Hats for a friend who is expecting (free rav download):IMG_0406I just love these helmut-style hats that hug tiny fuzzy newborn heads.  This one looks a little military because of the color, but rest assured this is the color the mother selected for her little boy.  It was so adorable that I made another one for a colleague who is expecting in just a couple of weeks:IMG_0425This is one of those patterns that comes in a lot of sizes and for several weights of yarn.  I used Dream in Color Classy (100% superwash – important for babies of non-knitters) in color Shiny Moss, which is a worsted weight yarn.  The first hat was made in the 3 month size.  I chose to move up to the 6 month size for the second one, remembering what an enormous head my colleague’s first child had (I say this with love, since Boy 1 was the same way).  Then again, her second child wasn’t so top heavy. But I digress.  My point is that the 6 month hat came out smaller than the 3 month hat.  I ripped back and added another wedge.  Let’s hope it fits.  There are too buttons to help the strap fit longer.  That garter stitch should stretch a lot.

Boy 2 has been asking for a minion hat off and on all fall, so I think he’s serious about it.  Did you see Despicable Me?  If not, you should! It’s great even if you don’t have kids.  There are lots of adorable minions in the film, and this free hat pattern mimics them. So we went to The Mannings yesterday to get minion yarn. The shop owner thought we were making a Steelers hat but nooooooooooooo sirree, not at this house.  IMG_0419 I started this at a NYE gathering last night and it’s humming right along.  I’ll have to give myself a crochet refresher tutorial when it comes time to make the eye (some minions have two eyes and some have one; Boy 2 has requested a one eye hat).

I have also been working on the Vodka Gimlet sweater, but I’ll update you on that in a few days when I have more to show you!

Any knitting resolutions for 2012?  Ravelry always buzzes with year-long project KALs this time of year.  Last year I participated in the Sock Stash Knitdown (SSK) with the Stash & Burn group.  Any good ones this year?  Are you joiners or go-it-aloners?


  1. Very cool hats! I'll be anxious to see your completed minion hat. I'll also be anxious to read your Vodka Gimlet update. I just ordered a Color Affection kit yesterday, so hopefully I'll be knitting with some Plucky Knitter Primo in the near future.

    My biggest knitting resolution is to really cull my stash, to yarns I will actually knit with, that will work for the intended projects. Clara Parkes' Knitter's Book of Socks made this quite clear, but no measurable progress has been made yet.

  2. Oh, you got Color Affection?!?? I've been eyeballing it. Which color combo did you order? Drool!

    If you can easily cull the 100% superwash merino sock yarns from the herd, that would be a great step. Use 'em for shawls instead.

  3. I got a Sentimental Reasons Color Affection. Not sure it was my 1st choice, but it was among the 8 that I love, so I may have to knit the others later. I love your Different Lines and as soon as I saw the rounded edge on Color Affection, I knew I would have to try it.

    Great idea re: superwash sock yarn culling! I've resolved that I must cull before I can cast on Color Affection, so I have ~2.5 weeks.

  4. I think the blues and grays in "Sentimental Reasons" will be dreamy - and very versatile. At least in my wardrobe, they would be!