Thursday, September 25, 2008

7 Things, 2nd Time

I wrote about Seven Things That Can "Make or Break" A Sweater in a recent post. That is the title both of a workshop I took at KDO and a book I bought by the author/instructor. It's a nice little book, and I think I will refer to it often as I knit sweaters.

Imagine my surprise when Clara Parkes reviewed it in this week's edition of The Knitter's Review. And Clara likes it, too! Check out the review. This may be a book that you want to add to your holiday wish list.
As another aside, the young woman who models the sweaters in the book is a recent graduate of Gettysburg College. It's a small world, after all...


  1. Who's the model?

    I wondered about this book when I read Clara Parkes' latest. Great to hear that you endorse it also.

  2. Is the model Carson Kressley? ;-) I read this review, too -- you're on the crest of the sweater-knitting wave! I definitely want to give this book a look.