Sunday, September 7, 2008

Only 107 days until Christmas...

Are you planning any holiday knitting this year? Last Christmas, I knit these little stocking hat ornaments for some coworkers. The yarn was left over from the Tulip baby cardigan (what a great pattern).

I don't currently have any major Christmas knitting plans, but these sweater ornaments from Berroco are mighty cute. There are 12 different sweaters, each more adorable than the one before. Free patterns! Download!


  1. Love the little sweaters! Thanks for posting.

  2. Ohmygodhowcutarethose! I've GOT to make some of these. Perfect use for leftover sock yarn.s

  3. OMG...too cute. But I suspect the makers used double pointed needles? I'm not sure I'm into that. I like my sock patterns on two circulars. Oh, and by the by, I am working with some new yarn that is just lovely. Claudia's. Beauty. I knit for at least half an hour during the day in the graduate student lab. I think I have a few new recruits!