Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Convertible Reversible Double Warm Mystery Hat

Yep, that's the official title of the pattern! This was a fun, quick, and easy knit. It calls for a full skein and a half skein of Jamie's 70% merino, 30% angora, 2-ply bulky worsted yarn. Here are the cakes:

Then you knit this thing that looks like a two-headed hat. Mine is about 19" long from tip to tip:

When you're done, you tuck one half into the other half, and you get two hats out of one thing. It's super thick and smooshy and warm. I got my favorite hat model to try it on this morning before school:I probably should have made it a tiny bit longer so that I would have more cuff. I thought it was longer, but I guess I was wrong. Still, this will do nicely for winter. I might not have to cuff it at all on me.

Now all the yarn I purchased at MDSW 2008 is knit up. Hooray! I feel pretty good about that.

Next hat: Habitat. Maybe I can swatch the handspun tonight to see if I have the right needles and can get an acceptable gauge. K is coming to visit in 9 days, and we plan to knit Habitat together, in person!


  1. This is so cute! I couldn't figure out the reversible part from the pictures on Flickr, but explaining that it's like two connected hats makes sense. It's kind of alike a toe up sock if you closed the whole thing up after the heel short rows. This looks easier than double-knitting, anyway.

    I'm jealous of you and K's knitalong. Have fun! I can't wait to see it.

  2. I can't wait to knit Habitat with you. We can also compare Jamie Harmon hats.