Sunday, November 16, 2008

Coriolis Socks

Coriolis Socks
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA

Katie's socks are done! Here they are modeled by a very helpful little boy. They are a little hard to get on and I hope they are not too small for her. I think the tightness is a result of the construction, not the end fit. I tried to make these a little bigger than the foot I measured last month, to allow for growth spurts . We shall see.

I also increased the stitch count around the leg a bit on the way up, for a little more shaping. This is very helpful in a sock with a stockinette cuff.

I've got plenty more of this yarn left - probably enough to make her another pair of socks when she gets older. Or... how cute is this hat made of sock yarn? (sorry, it's a Ravelry link)

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  1. So cute! Someone has a future as a foot model. Man, I need to find some time go read that book...