Monday, December 8, 2008

Cocoa Pebbles Socks

Cocoa Pebbles Socks
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA
My latest office knitting project, the Cocoa Pebbles Socks, is now done. The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in colorway "Pebbles" (now discontinued), but I kind of renamed it "cocoa pebbles" because it looks so chocolate-y.

These were knit cuff-down in Charlene Schurch's "uneven rib" pattern. The toe is a star toe and ends in 6 stitches. Instead of doing the purse-style closure, I kitchenered those stitches. I thought it would result in a nice tight toe like the one you get with the figure-8 cast-on in a toe-up sock. It's a little nipply, though. I'll have to wear these and decide if I want to do that again.

I reinforced the heel by running yarn through the columns of slipped stitches on the inside of the sock (Cat Bordhi mentions this technique in New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One). It's easy to do, and I think it does make a difference!

All told, these socks took about a month to knit - but I only knit on them at work and the occasional weekend social event. That's like getting extra hours in the day!


  1. I like the way that the heel looks. Also, I am into the toes not being matching colors!

    Nicely done. Awesome project to get out of "extra" or "bonus" traditionally non-knitting time. I am impressed.

  2. I love the socks. Isn't Felici just fantastic yarn? I wish I bought that colorway.

  3. I totally love these socks...especially the yarn. I found something equivalent at the Mannings last time I was there. It won't replace a discontinued "pebbles" but it made me feel better! I'll let you know when I start them.

    BTW: I've started a doggie sweater for Beckett. My first non-sock project in a long while!