Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby got back

Must Have Cardigan back
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA

Ummm, is that an okay post title? I finished the back of my Must Have Cardigan! It took 146 rows in pattern. Now I've started the left front. It's sooooooooooo pretty. I love it.

I'm going to try to stay focused on this project for a while, in hopes of wearing it before the cold months are over. The last sweater I completed was ready to wear in June. How thrilling it would be to wear this in Spring 2009.


  1. It's EXACTLY what I would have titled this post. Hee hee! It is GORGEOUS. I hear you about finishing while it's still cold. There's nothing worse than finishing a sweater in the summer. Knit on!

  2. I am not sure it is a good thing that Steven would have named it the same thing. :-)

    I LOVE the color of this. It will look beautiful on your coloring. Did you have a yarn consultant with you?


  3. I CANNOT believe you used that title!

  4. I love that sweater! I'm having such a love affair with cables right now. Everything from fingerless gloves to vests seem to have cables on them.