Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paper or plastic? No, thanks, I made my own...

Does everyone obsess about which knitting projects to take with them on trips? I certainly have been. One thing that's different about conference knitting than other knitting outside my home is the bag situation. I don't like toting a knitting bag (which often looks like a purse) along with my conference bag (which is a professional looking backpack). Stuffing the knitting bag into my backpack is too bulky, but the sock and sock yarn do benefit from being separated from paper and pens. I usually opt for a gallon-sized ziploc bag.

But frankly, a plastic bag does not befit my knitting. I took a few minutes the other day to whip up a simple drawstring bag on my sewing machine. I used fabric left over from lining this bag and this bag. The drawstring bag is lined, so the inside seams won't unravel and become annoying. Double fabric also makes it stronger. The outside is a teal batik fabric and the inside is a light grey batik. The drawstring is made from some Noro Daria yarn left over from the second bag - it is a cotton/rayon cord-like yarn.
Finished dimensions are about 9.5" x 11.5". I think it will be just the right size for a ball of sock yarn and a sock-in-progress. My notions bag and float around in my backpack separately, since it is a plastic zipper bag.


  1. I love the bag. How cute. What a great idea. I hope it works well for you on the trip. Be sure to let us (the readers) know.