Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sleeve One, Done

I haven't been posting much lately because I seem to be working on the same old thing. How many times can you look at the Must Have Cardigan?

I finished Sleeve #1 last week - here she is. I've started S2 and have decided to take her along to Seattle. S2 isn't good conference knitting, but I think she will be good company on the long flight. With luck, I might even finish her on this trip!
I have definitely decided on the Bainbridge Island jaunt on Wednesday - a ferry ride, an artsy island in Puget Sound, a LYS, good restaurants and cafes and boutiques and galleries... sounds great! I have figured out how to get to Pier 52 from my hotel and what the ferry schedules and fares are. Seattle appears to have insanely good public transportation.


  1. Congrats. Sleeve #1 looks great. I bet you can finish #2 on the trip.

    By the way, are you sure that taking yarn for just 2 pairs of socks is enough? What if you knit them up? I guess you will be purchasing more yarn while you are out there. I'm just looking out for wouldn't want to run out of yarn while you are there.


  2. Hah! I never know how much knitting to take. I think the sleeve looks like perfect airplane knitting. And I always have a little more hotel room time thank I think I will.

    Can't wait to see a post about your Bainbridge Island ferry ride. Gotta love those big green and white Washington state ferries. They're still green and white, no?

  3. I'm so glad you are going to Bainbridge. We have family friends who live there and I loved visiting them on the island. I can't even imagine taking the ferry to work every day. Wouldn't the knitting time be great?