Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time for a block party

Here are all 5 pieces of my Must Have Cardigan, before weaving in the ends and blocking. After hearing about Kristina's Must Have 911 (Ravelry link), I am very relieved that the cables appear to match up at the shoulders. Whew!

I think I'll settle in this evening to weave in ends, with hopes of blocking in the next couple of days.

I still need to knit a button band onto my swatch and practice several sizes of buttonholes. I can do that while waiting for the sweater to dry. The Margaret Fisher class that I took back at Knitters' Day Out 2008 taught me to buy the buttons before knitting the button band (it's easier to knit a buttonhole to match a button than to find buttons that match the sweater AND fit the buttonholes). Then estimate what size to make the buttonhole. Knit one buttonhole in that size, knit another one stitch narrower, and another one stitch wider. Put the button through and decide which is best. Then use that one on the actual sweater. Sounds logical to me! Kristina and I both bought buttons for this project at The Mannings last October, so I'm set there.


  1. Sweater is looking awesome -- more pastel-y in this picture than in some others I've seen. Nice trick on the button holes. I haven't done much with button holes, but the one time I made them, I made them too small. Wish I'd thought of swatching for holes. Can't wait to see how this turns out!