Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Padded (sort of) Footlet #1

Padded Footlet 1
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA

Here is the first finished padded footlet. I stopped padding after the heel turn and just finished it like a regular sock. It turned out pretty nicely. I tried knitting the toe just like the pattern said (except for padding) - it's a traditional toe decrease but the decreases do not march along neatly on every other row. Instead, for a while they appear every third row, then every second row, and then on every row. It should create a more rounded toe ... but it really doesn't. Plus the tip of the toe is fairly wide (13 stitches Kitchenered). I probably won't do this on another pair of socks... but I have to make the second sock match the first one, so I'll do it one more time!

Here's the top view of the sock:

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  1. I've wondered if doing decreases like you say the pattern describes would make for a more rounded toe. I'm glad you figured this out for us! Too much to remember, if you ask me.

    Nice job!