Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cupcakes & Crobots, Cha Cha Cha!

On our second full day in Portland, the boys and I headed downtown to Knit/Purl.  Steven needed a couple of items for his Thursday class.  Here we are outside the shop.  They have a beautiful window display of socks in honor of the Summit – can you see it here?  We pulled my sock out for the photo, too:IMG_4094

Steven found the yarn he needed – here he is watching it being wound into a ball by an electric ballwinder.  Neat!IMG_4095Somehow I managed only to buy an issue of Handknit Heroes, the knitting comic book – no yarn.  Yet.

Next we headed to Cha Cha Cha! for burritos – yum.  I met someone in line who asked me what was good to eat.  I confessed that I was visiting town and did not know.  He asked what brought me to Portland, and I told him about the Summit.  He didn’t miss a beat and told me that the last time he was in Portland, he was here with a crochet-er friend who published a book.  I asked if it was anyone I knew.  He hesitated, and I said “the only big crochet name I know is Kim Werker.”  Well, that was his friend!  Small world.  Here is Steven about to enjoy his fish burrito:

IMG_4097After Cha Cha Cha!, we popped into Cupcake Jones for a delightful confection.  Steven left his yarn there but we were sitting just outside so the cupcake lady reunited us with the yarn with no problem.

Next we hit Powell’s for a couple of hours.  I only spent time in two sections: Graphic Novels and Crafts.  I was pleased to see a Sock Summit display in the bookstore:

IMG_4098 I saw a book I had never heard of before: Crobots.  I don’t know how to crochet very much, but I’ve been meaning to learn more.  A whole book of crochet robots?  Sure, I’m game!  Here’s Jeff gamely showing my new book:



  1. the amazing crochetable critters (and robots) out in the world are almost enough to make me learn how to crochet. Like I need another hobby...

  2. Ooo, Knit/Purl! I've only ever ordered things online from them and have never seen the store itself. It looks like you guys are having a great time!

  3. The electric ball winder looks cool. I can't believe Steven left his yarn behind. Very cool that the bookstore had a display about the Sock Summit.

    Awesome update. By the way, the post made me hungry for a burrito.

  4. I bought a copy of Crobots the last time I went to Powell's, too!

    Do you recall who the man in the burrito line was? (Yeah, I admit I found your post from a narcissistic Google Alert.) It's such a small world; makes me happy!