Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Knitting

Yesterday after bathtime, Boy 1 appeared in his PJs and … felted slippers.  I made them back in January 2008 (pre-blog – here’s Rav link) and they still fit him as long as he doesn’t have socks on.  I mentioned that I had fun knitting those for him, and he said he wanted to knit some slippers for me.  Of course, I responded that I would teach him to knit anytime he wanted.

IMG_4406How about now? he says.  Okay!

I never put away my World Record knitting after returning from Sock Summit, so we grabbed that.  It was on short needles I intended to give to kids, anyway.  I had a garter stitch strip started, and he just kept going.  We’re using the rhyme from Kids Knitting: “Through the door, around the back, open the window, and out jumps Jack.”  He’s doing pretty well!

And also, I’ve made some progress on the outlaw socks – one is done: