Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stay at home and use me well…

Coverlet MuseumFellow fiber enthusiast Anne alerted me to a fascinating exhibit that is near enough for me to enjoy!  The National Museum of the American Coverlet (who knew?) in Bedford, PA, is opening an exhibit titled Stay at Home and Use Me Well – Flax & Fleece: Fiber to Fabric.  It focuses on tools used in the home textile production process during the late 18th and early 19th centuries and features objects from The Kitty Bell and Ron Walter Collection of Early Textile Equipment.

Does that sound fun, or what?!?

Bedford is about 80 miles west of Gettysburg on route 30 – I should be able to drive there in about 2 hours.  Field trip, anyone?

The schedule of events for the symposium on Saturday, 9/26, sounds fabulous – but I’ll be at Knitters’ Day Out instead.  Luckily, the exhibit will remain open for about a year.

Read more about this museum if you’re interested.  I just love these kinds of places (remember the Nordic Heritage Museum? LOVED IT! it started me down a road of Nordic reading which I’m still travelling…).  This museum is quite new – established in 2006 and opened in 2007. 


  1. Hey, that's nearly to Somerset, where we went with Sharon to the highpoint on a trip several years back. It's also the neck of the woods that my Adams/Forney ancestors came from.

    What an awesome name for an exhibit of this nature. And who would believe there was such a museum? Let us know all about it when you go!

  2. I'm up for a field trip, but do you thinkm the boys would notice we were gone? ; )

  3. Gerry glanced over my shoulder as I read this post and said, "ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT MAKING YOUR OWN YARN NOW???" (He didn't yell, but the uppercase expresses his knowing incredulity.)

    I think we should find a couple more fun things about this trip and drag both our families. Is there a brew pub nearby? G would be very happy to tag along if that were the case...